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Content Marketing for your Business

Content Marketing has become a much talked about topic over the past one year, in particular due to the changes Google have been making to ensure the most relevant websites are listed for a particular search term. Content marketing is not about pushing what you want to sell, but rather a tool which enables you to make people aware of your services through the value you can provide. Content will not only help your site stay prominent within search results when people are actively looking for your products and services, but also provide you with new opportunities of engaging with new audiences at a much earlier stage of the buying cycle.

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Benefits of Valinex content marketing Services

  • Generate quality inbound traffic to your website: Targeted and optimised content attracts well qualified organic and referral traffic
  • Increase engagement: Valuable content that meets the needs of consumers drives engagement and trust
  • Generate more leads: Content that helps solve a problem, informs or entertains, will encourage people to enquire about products or services
  • Increase sales: Good content attracts people, and encourages conversion. Presenting the right content, at the right stage of the buying cycle, will encourage them along the journey to purchase or enquiry
  • Build brand authority: Consistent, high quality, relevant content that benefits, educates and entertains the target audience will build trust in your brand, and its credibility – attracting and retaining customers

Valinex - Engage your Customers

Valinex provide content marketing services to businesses and agencies across the globe. Valinex prices are very affordable, our payment structure is flexible and our services are delivered on a bespoke basis, allowing us to implement one-off projects and ongoing content marketing campaigns according to our clients needs. To achieve our best results on an ongoing basis, we usually recommending using content marketing as a part of our wider lead generation procedure.