Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence is targeted, business-relevant information about an address or location on the earth’s surface. It provides the ability to optimise how you manage the assets in your business and the way you deliver services.

Today, this technology is being used to support a growing number of industry sectors, including property, planning, emergency services, water resources, surveying and climate change.

When you leverage your information assets, you set your business up to achieve stronger bottom line performance. A tailor-made Location Intelligence solution will enable you to do just this.

ScrumX’s team of Location Intelligence experts is able to offer:

  • Guidance on how to cost-effectively extract the value of Location Intelligence
  • Differentiated services to your customers
  • A better understanding of who your clients are, where they are located and what they
  • Business-aligned strategy and implementation
  • Business-focused solutions
  • Integrated IT/Location Intelligence solutions
  • Integration of data silos
  • Services provided by highly experienced consultants with a proven track record in delivering Location Intelligence solutions

ScrumX’s blend of technical expertise and people-friendly delivery methodology, backed up by a global presence will ensure your organization realizes the full benefits of its Microsoft investment.