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Offering complete corporate identity solutions.

Logo Design & Branding

Navigating the Future

Brand Identity for your business

It is important to create a Corporate Brand Logo / Image for your company / organization. A corporate brand can create a singular idea or concept inside the mind of the prospect - whether customer or partner prospect. Velinex can create a new logo design or just update an existing logo design to bring it up to a modern standard.

Why should we create a Brand logo for a business / organization?

Customers think of brands, not companies - become a concept that retains mind-share for what you do. The core aim is that your logo and branding will engender a connection in people's' minds, so they will always recognize your brand even if they are exposed to it for a short amount of time. Velinex will guarantee a service that can provide you with a brand image you and your employees will be proud of.

We are here to help you

Your Company / Business Logo and Brand has to be

  • Unique
  • Identifiable
  • Related
  • Retain

Why Choose ScrumX for your Logo Design Services?

ScrumX offers Professional Logo Design services to make a Unique branding for your organization with the following Services:

  • Custom Logo Design with Web & Print Format
  • 5 Rounds of Revisions
  • Full Intellectual Property Rights
  • Unique Logo Design
  • 3 Business Day Turnaround
  • Designed with your suggestions

Enhance your marketing collaterals / brochures

Are you seeking brochure design services? Brochures need to do more than look pretty - they need to engage your customer and give them a call to action. Attractive and eye-catching visuals are just one part of the design process. Creating a brochure which is appealing encourages the reader to learn more about your product or services. Inspiring them to part with their cash for your product or service takes expert knowledge and experience - something we have in abundance.

Brochure design that supports your brand identity
ScrumX Team works with clients all over the world to produce brochures, leaflets, stationery, newsletters, websites and banners to suit a variety of uses in a plethora of industries. ScrumX love the challenge of creating marketing materials which not only look good in print, but complement online products, and can stand the test of time. ScrumX brochure design services do not stand alone – we think about how your company brochures can fit into your current marketing mix and work with you to produce something you are proud to use now and in the future.

If it’s a full re-brand you are looking for then we can do that too. ScrumX not only do brochure design, but website design, and logo design. ScrumX also design and produce exhibition stands and banners and can arrange copy writing, photography, illustration and anything else an exceptional media campaign requires, from our established and reliable network of marketing and communications professionals.