Project Management

“Allocate your resources efficiently by leveraging our
outsourcing services across a wide range of business
functions in fintech and regtech.”

The Sunsoft approach to project management is based on Extreme Programming methodology. Our approach minimizes risks associated with software development projects such as missed deadlines, budget overruns and ‘buggy’ software, while also allowing for a rapid response to the changing and evolving needs of the project during implementation.

We develop software in short and iterative stages in consultation with our clients in-house project leads, project managers and our software developers. This teamwork-centric approach makes the project team nimble, able to adjust to the changing direction of the project and client needs.

The Sunsoft Difference

The main goal of the Sunsoft approach is to reduce the cost associated with change for our clients. We do this by:

⦁ Designing the project to adapt to changing client needs as it goes along
⦁ Mitigate risk associated with cost, timeline and functionality
⦁ Allowing space for programmers and developers to innovate within the project, inventing customize solutions to problems that arise along the way

Read on below for more specific information about our skills and expertise, methodologies and delivery model. Then contact us to put the agile, nimble approach of the Sunsoft to work for you!

Your Sunsoft project team will be selected from our highly qualified stable of experts, in accordance with the needs of your specific project. With clients in virtually every sector with every type of professional expertise, we have just the team to implement your project on time, on budget, customizing your installation along the way.

Our services include:

⦁ E-Commerce Platforms
⦁ Enterprise Application Integration and Quality Services
⦁ Application Development and Maintenance
⦁ Supply Chain Management Solutions