IT Staff Augmentation

“With a global reach and a hyperlocal market expertise,
we help you build IT teams across all tech stacks for
diverse business goals.”


Finding the right people


Building a staffing program

Who do we
work with?

The quick answer is Everyone. Indifferent of whether your business is Grandiose, Tiny, or the land of
somewhere in between, we can help. Obtaining the specific and correct talent and workforce strategies for your business means having a staffing partner who knows your goals and can not only support but
adapt to deliver when they change. Here’s how Sunsoft Solutions leverages that flexibility to help
your business grow.

We are a staffing
partner that is flexible with you

If you’re looking to grow your business, you’ll need people to help you get there. Whether you’re hiring for a single need or for many, we can provide you with immediate staffing support. Once you’ve got great people, it’s important to keep them on your team. Reducing turnover and focusing on retention are ways we mitigate costly mistakes that happen in the hiring market as tight as it is today. Sunsoft Solutions can help by arming you with the latest strategies and industry best practices on everything from employee retention and engagement to workforce management, talent planning and more.

Catered to your needs
talent strategies and staffing solutions

Who better to find the right people for your business than a company who has a dedicated team of professionals walking hand in hand with you? We don’t believe that your business exists in a vacuum and its success is tied to key trends happening in your local community and market. At Sunsoft Solutions, we have recruiters who specialize in local markets all across the country. This ensures that you get personalized strategies based on the latest market data. Being the world’s most dedicated provider of staffing services means our clients don’t just gain access to our extensive network of global talent, we also help them hire more effectively through automated sourcing, interviewing and onboarding technologies and processes.


At Sunsoft Solutions, we’re assembled to help businesses of all shapes and sizes find the best-fit talent fast and we are committed to reducing costs that come with low retention and high turnover. With staffing solutions tailored to your company by our local experts, you’ll be able to truly optimize your workforce. Partnering with Sunsoft Solutions means getting world-class resources with the personalized delivery of a boutique firm.