Application Development

“End-to-end development of financial applications that address pain points of customers and improve the value of your business.”

Our team of specialized IT professionals with a wide range of technical skills will help you with the full cycle of application development. This includes critical stages like planning, design, building the tool, testing, deployment and ongoing support.

We are an emerging technology solutions company who specialize in providing comprehensive services to businesses and startups in Fintech and Regtech.

We have helped companies of different scales and market geographies with a wide range of solutions, from product development and roadmapping to process outsourcing and employee upskilling.

Key Skills & Expertise:

Applications Programming
Web Development
Systems Analysis
Database Administration
QA/SW Testing
Mobile Application Development
Release Management
Configuration Management

Support for: .NET, Java, C#, C++, J2EE, Visual Basic, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, All phases of the SDLC


PMO & Shared Services

“Shared PMO services for all your diverse fintech and regtech needs with emphasis on seamless planning and execution.”

Developing technology for financial and ancillary industries usually involves the use of shared services.

Delivering such projects in a timely manner requires strong project management acumen. Our panel of experienced project managers execute elaborate enterprise-level fintech projects with special focus on critical elements like scope management, stakeholder expectations, cost benefit analysis and participants and accountability.

Key Skills & Expertise:

Project Management
Technical Writing
Technical Training
Business Systems Analysis
Scope Management
Stakeholder Management


Emerging Technologies

“Use emerging technologies to build forward-looking and secure systems and solutions for your customers and help you stay competitive.”

Fintech and Regtech have successfully leveraged emerging technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, banking as a platform (BaaP) and open banking APIs.

We work with emerging technologists who are proficient in building tech stacks and digital architecture that support your unique business needs and customer demands.

We also have some of the best securitization experts that help you secure your systems and databases to industry standards.

Key Skills & Expertise:

Groovy and Grails
Mongo DB
R Programming Language
Raven DB

Communications & Telephony

“From transaction authentication to customer success and IVR setup, move your fintech telephony into our cloud with no capital expenditure.”

With our cloud telephony infrastructure, you can put your business communication in the cloud without having to build any infrastructure or incur a huge CAPEX.

That means you can now build a call center for your financial services in the cloud with bulk virtual numbers for your several marketing and retention campaigns.

Our cloud infrastructure affords the best security protocol like OTP authentication for your customer’s financial information. In addition you get scalability, automation features, IVR call flows, analytics and CRM integration for your business.

Key Skills & Expertise:

NOC Support
Circuit Design
Field Engineering
Transmission Engineering

Technical Architecture

“Get a turnkey technical architecture that caters to the ever- evolving needs and demands of the financial ecosystem and customers.”

The technical architecture is the design and documentation of a software application. With financial services technology, this protocol is the most critical as application development, upgrades, device compatibility and encryption depends on this.

Our team of technical architects builds an end-to-end functional architecture, fully replete with details of communication nexus, security, hardware and software that are used by the application. Following this is a seamless handover to the development team with continual support in case of modifications and upgrades.

Key Skills & Expertise:

Business Systems Analysis
Technical Writing
Software Design

Conversational Banking

“Humanize and personalize the technology behind your financial services as you step into a digital-first fintech ecosystem.”

Conversational banking is the deployment of chatbots to create a human-like experience in fintech.

Our data science teams with expertise in natural language processing and ML can design and deploy chatbots that resolve your specific business challenges. The application can be used to help customers find answers to FAQ’s to recover a password and find the closest ATM.

These bots can also perform complex functions for your customers like budgeting, giving financial advice and helping with taxes.

Key Skills & Expertise:

Datastructure and Algorithms
Knowledge Base Software
Front-End Interface
Natural Language processing
Dialogue Manager
Business Process Modeling